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Sunday, November 27, 2016

End of Waiting

Well almost, the election is over; all except dealing with the result.  I am hopeful that President Donald's memory will fail him while he is President-in-fact as to many of those promises he made to his followers after the election.  There are definite signs that they are fading; the rest of us can only ponder the effect it will have on his followers.

No doubt about it, there are "interesting times" still ahead for us all!

Well, it is holiday time again, the dreaded Black Friday gotten through with no stories about blood being let on the floor of stores.  It is far past time that we, as a Nation, take a fresh look at these, so-called semi-holy National special days.  With them the fairy-tails the children are told which have been embraced by the population and retailers as a whole.  The odds of this happening are not great, however.

For me, living far from my remaining family, I ignore them as much as I can.  Curiosity has been one of my main traits in life, pursuing odd, out-of-the-norm information for my own interests/pleasure.  There are reports that the population will, hopefully soon, be given some of that information whether they want to hear it or not; we will see, I guess.

As to gift -giving, a recently created device is "just the thing;" it is a pizza oven.  Shaped like a pizza box it will cook pizzas for you faster than you can heat a regular oven, and/or cook to perfection a frozen pizza.  This is definitely an all-American gift, I say, and under $100.00!

Another and much-needed gift I say is a "Password Vault."  This one allows you to keep passwords safe, especially from failing memory!  (Personally, I have a notebook where I try to record mine.)  Especially handy for high-profile people subject to hacking!.

It seems to me that, in our current times, life has gotten so complicated, and so much is required of our built-in memory-storage systems that many of us will, probably sooner than later, be imitating The Donald, denying we ever said, or expressed any opinions about anything of substance.  I think it is called, "blank slating" by those in power--literally taking away memories--called "old-age" by the Hoi-palloi .

Well, enough for this time,

Shirley Gallup

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  1. Make America Great Again. No seriously, Make America Great Again