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Monday, July 4, 2016

Education, What is it For Anyway?

On this year's 4th of July, with it's traditional bangs and other fireworks, I want to ruminate around our educational system, and the nature of indoctrination.

The other day The news guys staged a, "Man-on-the-Street" survey, in, I think, San Diego, and found that almost no one asked had even a clue as to what we are, theoretically celebrating on the 4th of  July.  The U Tube video I watched was titled, "4th of July Zombies--Americans Don't Know why we Celebrate Fourth of July!"  You can watch it here.  (If you need more evidence, Just watch some Mark Dice videos.)  All I can conclude from them is that those who intended to indoctrinate us, is that they have truly failed, and miserably!

As indicated, this particular Man-on-the-Street interview is only the latest of such interviews demonstrating the blissful ignorance enjoyed by the average younger person in this country.  Sad, sad, sad!  Yet, perhaps, good news.  With all the money this country puts into educating/ indoctrinating our youth obviously, virtually nothing sticks. 

Then again, for those of that mindset, perhaps ignorance is preferable to knowledge, and, thus, they have, I'm sorry to have to say, succeeded.

This, as opposed to the Middle East, where, mostly the men, are willing to die and kill other people, who have not been indoctrinated with the same beliefs they hold to be God's Truths.  It's hard for me  to think about, let alone write about, what is happening in our world today, last week, last month.  Lately, not a week goes by before we have to digest another such monstrous act committed because of such personally-held (indoctrinated) beliefs.

I have been posting thoughts in this blog around Belief Systems, particularly the Belief Systems of Westerners.  Such video interviews as this last one, only go to demonstrate to me that the, "younger generation"--people under 30, say--not only do not have one, they, mercifully, are at least embarrassed that they haven't ANY idea as to their lack of information about the history of this Country, let alone the True History.

They appear to be so ignorant, one cannot even compare them to, so-called, "primitive" peoples, living in the jungles that are left on this world.

I have wondered in print at the fact that younger people from this country willingly set out to join such groups as the ISIS.  This, I guess, is the answer; they have no knowledge as to what is supposed to make America different in this world.  Those people from other countries who want to come to this one appear to have gotten the message of our, supposed, difference.

I am sorry to have to say that the noted videos demonstrate, devastatingly, the total failure of the American Educational System.   

People, we cannot continue on in our ignorance; our only hope, it seems to me,  is that something will occur to shock us awake in time to save this planet.

With that unpleasant thought, I end this blog entry.

Shirley Gallup 

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