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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Scientific Evidence For Creation

In this blog I want to ruminate around the amazing fact that the basic belief system of science is being shattered.   Actually, it is recognition of facts that are causing this collapse.  That is, it is actual evidence that is causing this change

This recent major change may have been set in motion a short time ago by the recognition, or discovery, described by one of the Nobel winning scientists: Professor Peter Higgs, or Higgs-Boson Particle, which, because of its implications, came to be called the, "God Particle"  (For Higgs' statement abut the nature of this particle, go here.)

First we were told about the God Particle. a discovery about something which used to be called "vacuum"  (Formerly supposedly that which separated everything from everything else, was actually something.)

The most recent figures, which are astounding, is that currently approximately 40% of  the recognized top tier of scientists have had to come to the conclusion that the evidence indicates that the universe as we know it, could only have resulted from deliberate intention.  This has caused many scientists to come to the conclusion that, "there are no blind forces worth speaking about in nature."  (For a number of actual quotes, check these out.

Two of the facts breaking the back of the old belief system are quite interesting; the first has to do with the "Big Bang" beginning of everything.  (Actually, The Big Bang name was a derogatory one applied early on by believers in the Steady State nature of reality--always was and always will be--belief of scientists regarding a beginning.)

(For me those kinds of things experienced by so many people which could not be explained in any way other than that there is far more to what is than physicality--some of those being: past life regression memories, out-of-body experiences, non-physical left-overs of people who had, "died," that is, ghosts, psychic experiences and awareness's, intuition, etc. etc., never explained by scientific theory were enough evidence for me that the accepted theory wasn't sufficient to explain life.)

Anyway, and I love this: the main problem with the solid state belief has to do with the complexity of the universe itself.  If ANY PART, chemical aspect, of what is, was only a tiny fraction, of a fraction of a fraction, different than it is, what we call, "life" would not have been possible!

The other thorny problem that has arisen for the scientists, has to do with DNA  DNA is the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms.  (Actually, to my understanding, all life forms contain DNA.)  Nearly every cell in a person’s body has the same DNA.  The mind-blowing statement I read, as I remember it,  was that the material contained in an area of human DNA the size of a pin head would fill enough paper-back books that they would be able to be wrapped around our world 5,000 times.

None of this goes into the other amazing material coming out of the astronomers new discoveries about the nature of an insignificant area located on an outer arm of what we call the milky way galaxy.  (There is talk of there being not only one universe, but more, how many?  Perhaps twelve.) We have already gone a long way from when an astronomer named Messier gave a number to many fuzzy items in the sky he could not identify as stars, which turned out to be galaxies!

We all need to be prepared to have our minds blown by learning about so many things scoffed at previously, (perhaps we should wrap tape around our skulls!?!)  with that thought, I end this encouraging, I think, blog.

Shirley Gallup

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